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The Student Pathways Report: Signature Report #5 Highlights

Listen to research highlights of our new Signature 5 Report, “Baccalaureate Attainment: A National View of the Postsecondary Outcomes of Students Who Transfer from Two-Year to Four-Year Institutions”, from Dr. Doug Shapiro, Executive Director, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Findings from our latest Signature Report show that, community college students are largely successful when they transfer to a 4-year institution. Out of all students who transferred from a community college during the 2005 to 2006 academic year, 62 percent went on to complete their bachelor’s degree within six years. Interestingly, students who transferred to a four-year public institution did better than their peers who transferred to a four year private institution.”

To read this and any of our previous Signature Reports, visit http://nscresearchcenter.org/category/reports/signature-report/


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