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Colleges Advised to be More Transparent with Key Data on Outcomes

Diverse Issues in Higher Education, May 18, 2016 In order to demonstrate what they are doing for students, colleges and universities must be willing to let data tell their story and stop perpetuating the faulty notion that charging a hefty tuition necessarily means students are getting a better education. Doug Shapiro, executive research director at…

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National Student Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker® for High Schools Earns iKeepSafe California Badge

Herndon, VA , May 16, 2016 – iKeepSafe announced that it will be awarding the California Privacy Badge to StudentTracker for High Schools, a National Student Clearinghouse product. StudentTracker helps high schools and districts gauge the success their graduates have in college, focusing on enrollment, persistence, and completion. iKeepSafe’s California Privacy Badge is the first…

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Background Checks: A Rock and a Hard Place

Big Ideas for Small Business, April 26, 2016 As a general rule, it’s not illegal for an employer to do a background check (other than medical or genetic history). Thus, under federal law employers can check a job applicant’s work history, education, criminal record, financial history, and social media postings. You can check an applicant’s education…

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University of Kansas and 21 Kansas Colleges and Universities Improve Transcript Process

Students and Alumni Benefit with National Student Clearinghouse® Transcript Services HERNDON, VA, DEC. 14, 2015 – The National Student Clearinghouse, the nation’s largest provider of postsecondary transcript services, announced today that the University of Kansas has selected the Clearinghouse to process all requests for transcripts quickly and securely for more than 28,000 current students and…

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Continued dip in new college grads

CC Daily, September 30, 2015 Even though the number of first associate degrees and certificates earned each year by community college students has increased between 2010-11 and 2013-14, they represent a decreasing percent of all earned credentials… Read more >…

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Nearly a Third of Undergraduate Degrees Go to Students With Prior Credentials

The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 30, 2015 For a growing share of college graduates, the degrees they’re taking home aren’t their first higher-education credentials. The percentage of college graduates stacking credentials by adding, say, a bachelor’s degree to an associate degree, or an associate degree to a certificate, grew from 25 percent to 29…

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