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Navigating The Transition From School To The Workplace

The Diane Rehm Show,  April 14, 2016

Today’s college graduates are taking longer to find a job and settle into a career. High levels of student debt add to the challenge. Hear some of the nation’s experts discuss navigating the transition from college to the workforce. Listen to this radio interview of:

Jeffrey Selingo regular contributor on higher education, the Washington Post; author, “There is Life After College: What Parents And Students Should Know About Navigating School To Prepare For The Jobs Of Tomorrow”

Anthony Carnevale director and research professor, Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University

Kristen Hamilton CEO and co-founder, Koru

Andy Chan vice president for innovation and career development, Wake Forest University

“According to the National Student Clearinghouse, there are many more people in their 20s than in any other age group right now, who have some college credit and no degree. So we’re sending all of these people to college and they’re leaving before they have a degree. And if you look at any employment ad, nobody ever says, some college credit, no degree necessary. Right?” said Jeff Selingo.


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