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Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates

On November 15, 2012, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center released its fourth Signature Report, “Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates,” during a briefing held on Capitol Hill. In this video, Dr. Doug Shapiro, Executive Director of the Research Center, presents key findings from the report which examines the various pathways that students take to complete a college degree or certificate. among its findings, the study shows a dramatic increase in the U.S. college completion rate when nontraditional student pathways are included, driving the completion rate from 42 percent to 54 percent. In addition, the results show that over 75 percent of full-time students complete college within six years, which is higher than what has been reported in previous studies.

To read this and any of our other research reports, visit www.nscresearchcenter.org.


Snapshot Report 32: Yearly Success and Progress Rates