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Clearinghouse Creates Sustainability Committee to Reduce Ecological Footprint

The National Student Clearinghouse is proud to announce the creation of the National Student Clearinghouse Sustainability Committee. The committee seeks to develop sustainability standards to reduce the Clearinghouse’s ecological footprint through reducing, reusing, repurposing, and challenging current norms. Committee members include employees from different departments in an effort to gain diverse input, an all-encompassing collaborative effort, and viable initiatives that promote sustainability within the organization.

“As the leader in electronic student records exchange, including electronic transcript ordering and delivery, we have helped eliminate paper waste for the thousands of schools that use Clearinghouse services,” said Rick Torres, Clearinghouse President and CEO. “It’s important that we reflect that forward thinking vision in our daily operations. There are many great ways each and every employee can help make the Clearinghouse a more environmentally friendly company. We’re very happy and proud of the Sustainability Committee’s effort to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices here at the Clearinghouse.”

As part of proactive and ongoing environmentally friendly initiatives, the committee will actively engage in, promote, and celebrate national undertakings and holidays surrounding environmental issues and sustainable practices.

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