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Chief Ambassador for Higher Education

Business Officer, June 2018 In an interview with Business Officer, John Walda discusses the highlights of his tenure at NACUBO, the challenges that colleges and universities continue to face, and the priorities that are on his mind as he starts a new chapter. Learn more>…

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National Student Clearinghouse® Joins with Liaison International To Enable Students to Submit Electronic Transcripts to Colleges Nationwide

Effort Simplifies, Shortens Admissions Process for Students and Institutions Herndon, Virginia (June 5, 2018) – In response to student demand for a simplified college transcript and admissions’ process, the National Student Clearinghouse ® and Liaison International announced today that they will work together to help students submit electronic transcripts to colleges and universities throughout the United…

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States Investing the Most in Higher Education

247WallStreet.com, May 31, 2018 Last year, states spent over $83 billion on public higher education, or about $7,600 per student enrolled full-time in a public college or university. The states that spend the most per student include Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota — states with lower population density and much smaller public education systems…

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Are We at Peak Higher Ed?

Inside Higher Ed, May 30, 2018 Are we at peak higher ed? My answer is no, but that answer depends on the definitions that we choose. Does peak higher ed refer to the number of schools, or the number of students enrolled? The number of people employed in higher ed (or just faculty), or the…

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Current Term Enrollment Estimates - Spring 2018