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Dropouts, Grads, and Terrible Counting

Inside Higher Ed, March 26, 2015 Ashley Smith’s IHE story Thursday got few comments and drew little notice, but it should have made national headlines. It gives the lie to a great many tales being told about… Read More >…

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Community College to Bachelor’s

Inside Higher Ed, March 26, 2015 Nearly half of all students graduating with a four-year degree in the 2013-14 school year had some experience within a two-year institution. That detail is a part of a new report… Read More >…

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Increasing Student Mobility Reshaping Pathway to a College Degree

Forty-six percent of graduates attend community colleges prior to a four-year degree; 14.6 percent move between states HERNDON, VA, MAR. 25, 2015 — Student mobility continues to play an important part in determining the paths students take to college completion, both in relation to students who enroll at community colleges en route to four-year degrees…

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Community College Enrollment and Completion Data

Inside Higher Ed, March 9, 2015 Nationwide community college enrollment numbers continue to decline. But student completion rates in the sector are higher than many people think. Those are the two primary findings in… Read More >…

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Snapshot Report 32: Yearly Success and Progress Rates