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Report Estimates Half of Vets on GI Bill Graduate

The New York Times, March 24, 2014 A new report estimates that a little more than half of veterans who got college money under the GI Bill since 2009 eventually graduated, though many took longer to do it. The report says the estimated vet graduation rate of… Read More >…

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National Data Signal College Success for Veterans

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 24, 2014 Veterans who used the GI Bill to go to college at some point from 2002 to 2010 appear to have graduated at rates comparable to their nonveteran peers, attended mostly public institutions, and may have taken slightly longer… Read More >…

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Study: Just Over Half of GI Bill Users Earn Degrees

Army Times, March 24, 2014 A little more than half of veterans going to school on the GI Bill earned a degree or certificate, according to a study released March 24 by Student Veterans of America. SVA’s Million Records Project also found that students… Read More >…

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Study: Recent Veterans are Succeeding in College

USA Today, March 24, 2014 Just over half of veterans who sought a higher education from 2002 through 2013 under the GI Bill completed schooling ranging from vocational training to post-graduate, according to an unprecedented review of nearly… Read More >…

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Snapshot Report 32: Yearly Success and Progress Rates