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College Access Programs Can Be an Asset to Low-Income Students

Diverse Education, December 15, 2014
In a finding that shows “great strides” toward closing the college graduation gap between rich and poor, a recently-released study shows that low-income students who participate in college access…
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High Wired Update: The Glorious 90s

The Australian, December 12, 2014
Broke, broken or both: HW has spent much of this year wondering why the hell the NUS has not been more vocal in its opposition to deregulation. Well, the truth has finally come out — it’s broke…
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Confessions of a Community College Dean

Inside Higher Ed, December 11, 2014
NEASC, the regional accreditor for the New England states, is having its annual conference this week. I couldn’t make it on Wednesday, but was able to attend on Thursday. Some highlights for…
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Fewer Students Coming to Campus

Politico, December 11, 2014
The rate of decline in college enrollments slowed slightly for the third year in a row, the National Student Clearinghouse said today. Enrollment fell by 1.3 percent in fall 2014, trailing the 1.5…
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It’s All in How You Count Colleges

Community College Daily, December 11, 2014
Two-year college advocates may initially get a lump in their throats when they see the new enrollment report from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).The data show that a decrease…
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Advocates Eagerly Await E-Rate Vote — Pearson to Revamp PISA — Sobering Pleas on School Violence — Jindal Blasts Duncan Ahead of NOLA Visit

Politico, December 11, 2014
The Federal Communications Commission will vote today on whether to raise the E-Rate program’s $2.4 billion funding cap by $1.5 billion — which would make it the third largest source of federal…
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College Enrollments Drop for 3rd Straight Year

The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 11, 2014
College enrollments dropped by 1.3 percent this fall after slipping 1.5 percent last fall and 1.8 percent in the fall of 2012.For the public sector over all, the decline was 1.5 percent, with…
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Clearinghouse Says Enrollment Is Down Again

Inside Higher Ed, December 11, 2014
College enrollment has declined by more than 1 percent for three consecutive years, according to newly released data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The drop of…
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College Enrollment Down Slightly, Report Finds

Education Week, December 11, 2014
Overall enrollment in college is down slightly this fall, as fewer students are going to two-year, public and four-year, for-profit schools compared to the previous year. The National…
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U.S. University Enrollment Continues to Slide

The Hechinger Report, December 11, 2014
Led by continuing drops at private, for-profit colleges, higher-education enrollment declined this fall for a sixth semester in a row, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports…
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Like Retailers Tracking Trends, Colleges Use Data to Predict Grades, Graduations

The Hechinger Report, December 10, 2014
Stephanie Dupaul jokingly consults her collection of Magic 8 Balls — those novelty toys that tell your fortune through a little window at the base — when her students ask her things like, “Will…
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White House Summit Calls for Using Data to Boost Graduation Rates

Education News, December 5, 2014
The big words at the second White House College Opportunity Day of Action, a summit for discussing ideas to increase higher education graduation rates, were data and technology. “Now everybody…
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Most College Students Don’t Graduate On Time

U.S. News & World Report, December 1, 2014
The vast majority of college students aren’t completing their degrees on time, largely due to a lack of guidance and too many choices. A new report from the nonprofit Complete College America argues…
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Colleges’ New Challenge: Keeping Students in School

CNBC.com, November 24, 2014
Think of college and, chances are, you picture 18-year-olds strolling across a leafy campus on their way from dorm to class. That is not reality for most college students today. More than half of college…
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Spokane Colleges Cooperate in Pilot Transfer Program

The Spokesman – Review, November 24, 2014
Cameron Corcoran was a math class short of an associate degree at Spokane Community College but didn’t want to delay his transition to a four-year university any longer. The 26-year-old enrolled at Eastern…
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More College Students Attend Part-Time, are Older and Don’t Graduate Within 6 Years, Report Finds

eCreditDaily.com, November 24, 2014
The typical college education cycle is shifting away from the traditional straight-out-of-high-school path to a degree in four years. Actually, more than half of college students now attend part time and did…
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Report Examines Effects of 2008 Recession on College Completion Rates

The Daily Free Press, November 21, 2014
As a result of the Great Recession of 2008, the national six-year graduation completion rates for college students of the Fall 2008 cohort saw a slight decline from previous years, according to a Tuesday report…
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Recession-Era Enrollments and Completion / The Global Flow of Students

Inside Higher Ed, November 21, 2014
Our Nov. 21 program explored student enrollments domestically and internationally. In our first segment, the National Student Clearinghouse’s Douglas Shapiro joined Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik and…
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America’s Awful College Dropout Rates, in Four Charts

Slate, November 19, 2014
America’s nagging problem with college dropouts managed to get the tiniest bit worse this year. The National Student Clearinghouse reports that 55 percent of first-time undergraduates who matriculated in the fall of…
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College-Going Rates Up, Six-Year Completion Down, Report Finds

Career College Central, November 19, 2014
While high school students are all about what college they want to get into, a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center looks at how many actually finish —and the outcomes vary widely by…
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Snapshot, Persistence and Retention Rates