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It’s Not Either Associate or Bachelor’s Degree; for Many Students, It’s Both

Education Week, June 18, 2015
For a significant number of students, a community college is a step along the academic path, but not a stopping place. More than 40 percent of graduates with an associate degree—and 60 percent of those who earn one by age 20—go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, finds a new report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center… Read More >

Schools on U.S. military installations raising standards, tracking students beyond high school

The Hechinger Report, June 21, 2015
Stephen Call, who graduated this month from Quantico Middle/High School on the U.S. Marine Corps base in Virginia, had a decision to make last December. His mother, a master sergeant specializing in communications, received orders to move to Miramar, California. If he went with her, Call would have to change schools for the sixth time in 12 years… Read More >

Students have a ‘right to know’ just what that degree is worth

America Enterprise Institute, June 17, 2015
Over the past few weeks, the media has been fixated on the left’s push for debt-free college. But one significant – and bipartisan – development that could improve the lives of students didn’t receive the attention it deserved… Read More >

No Bachelor’s Degree? No Problem

U.S. News, June 17, 2015
Some college credentials don’t lead to a higher degree, according to new research – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…Read More >

Senate HELP takes on accreditation – California comes to a budget deal – Tracing a path to a bachelor’s degree

POLITICO, June 17, 2015
The topic du jour at today’s Senate HELP hearing on reauthorizing the Higher Education Act is accreditation’s role in ensuring quality, and sector officials have the witness stage to themselves…Read More >

Associate degree is first step for many

Community College Daily, June 17, 2015
​Younger associate degree graduates are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree within six years than older graduates, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center… Read More >

How and Whether Certificates and Associate Degrees Lead to B.A.s

The Chronicle of Higher Education , June 17, 2015
Two out of five students who earned associate degrees in 2008-9 had bachelor’s degrees under their belts six years later, according to a new national study. The average time between the degrees was 2.8 years… Read More >

Study: 2 in 5 Associate Degrees Lead to a Bachelor’s Degree

Inside Higher Ed, June 17, 2015
The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center released a new study today that shows more than 60 percent of students who earned an associate degree when they were 20 years old or younger went on to earn a bachelor’s within six years… Read More >

Why Fewer Students are Going to College

MarketWatch, May 30, 2015
It looks like going into debt for extra degrees is out and working for a paycheck is in. Fewer students are attending college, thanks largely to a growing economy.The number of… Read More >

More Millennials Opting Out of College

Consumer Affairs, May 18, 2015
The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) has issued a report that highlights what could be a very interesting trend. College enrollments are declining because… Read More >

New Mexico Campuses Seeing Drop in Student Enrollment

The Washington Times, May 17, 2015
College campuses across New Mexico had the sharpest decline in enrollment compared with other states in the past year, a new study said this week. The National Student Clearinghouse… Read More >

NM Higher Education Enrollment Down

Albuquerque Journal, May 17, 2015
New Mexico’s colleges and universities saw – by far – the steepest enrollment drop in the nation over the past year. From spring semester 2014 to the spring of 2015, enrollment in New… Read More >

Why is College Enrollment Declining?

CBS News, May 15, 2015
An improving U.S. labor market is luring millenials away from the classroom and back into the workforce. College enrollment in the spring semester fell nearly 2 percent from a year… Read More >

College Enrollment Dropped Over 2 Percent Last Year

KFI AM 640, May 15, 2015
College enrollment is still dropping quickly across the U.S., a trend with possibly dire consequences for for-profit colleges and those that expanded too much during the previous… Read More >

College Enrollment Drops with Improving Economy

Education Dive, May 15, 2015
Declines in enrollment at for-profit schools, as reported by the National Student Clearinghouse, suggest much more than responses to economic cycles. The industry has faced… Read More >

UConn Professors Have Discretion Over Rejecting Community College Credits

WNPR, May 14, 2015
The University of Connecticut is rejecting roughly a fifth of the eligible credits from students who transfer from community colleges, according to a recent study put out by a… Read More >

Enrollments Continue to Drop as Economy Improves

Community College Daily, May 14, 2015
Overall, enrollments at all postsecondary institutions in spring 2015 totaled just under 18.6 million, down 1.9 percent compared to spring 2014. However, enrollments at public… Read More >

Even Private Colleges Feel the Pain as Enrollment Falls Again

The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 14, 2015
Total college enrollment fell again this year, driven primarily by the departure of older students finding employment in an improving economy, according to a report released on… Read More >

Enrollments Fall

Inside Higher Ed, May 14, 2015
College enrollment numbers tend to be cyclical. A poor economy forces many adult learners into the classroom to retrain or hone their skills, but when it improves, enrollments… Read More >

For-Profits and Community Colleges Hit Hard by Falling Enrollment

U.S. News & World Report, May 14, 2015
College enrollment continued to decline this spring, but researchers say it could be a sign of continuing improvement in the economy. According to a new report from the National Student… Read More >

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